the art of intentional design is a shop with curated collections of vintage, found, and artisanal goods for the home.

I'm Elyssa, welcome to my shop. i believe in designing homes slowly, sustainably, and intentionally; with goods from a time when materiality and craft were of utmost importance.

growing up, primarily in the Sonoran Desert, I had a deep appreciation for the natural environment around me. raised by civil and environmental engineers, I was also aware of the negative impact humans had on the environment that I so cherish. 

while in school, I pursued a degree in design history + theory;  then a master’s degree in architecture. working in historic preservation over the years, my love for the history structures and man made objects only grew. things were once created out of necessity and for a purpose; out of materials meant to last a lifetime, not a season.

i believe that every choice we make should be aligned with the kind of world we want to live in, not only for ourselves but most importantly for future generations. in creating this shop, I am able to combine my love for history, good design, and sustainable living.